Healthcare Battle a Real PR Minefield for Trump and Congress

Healthcare battle a real PR minefield for Trump and Congress by Jay Sekulow

If there’s a bigger hot-button issue in American politics than the Affordable Care Act that would be news to millions who either love or love to hate President Obama’s signature legislation. While there’s no doubt the law has issues, and implementation went about as smooth as a dirt road through the jungle, the biggest issue faced by both the Obama and Trump administrations is public relations related to the issue. Continue reading

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4 Tactics to Create a Strong Law Firm

4 Tactics to Create a Strong Law Firm by Jay Sekulow

For every aspiring lawyer, the goal is to create a law firm that stands out from the competition and carves out a path of success. However, to make this happen, it takes many different people and ideas. Whether it’s a large or small firm you desire, here are successful tactics used by the best to create prosperity for themselves and their clients. Continue reading

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Ten Things You Did Not Know About The American Legal System

Ten Things You Did Not Know About The American Legal System by Jay Sekulow

The United States is undeniably a world leader and arguably one of the wealthiest nations in the world. It is also a model for democracy and law and order in a civilized society. However, there are some some aspects of the country’s legal system that are widely unknown. Here are 10 pertinent examples: Continue reading

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Hey Manager – Try This Approach and Get More Done

Hey manager - try this approach and get more done

Managing any kind of business is an exercise in trying to get more done than you have time to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it better, more efficiently, and get more for your time and energy. It’s not a sin to be more efficient and working “harder” when you don’t really have to is not a virtue, it’s a waste of precious resources. Continue reading

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Want to build yourself for success?


When planning or beginning a new business a lot of would-be CEOs build their business for success, but fail to build themselves for the tasks that will be required to shepherd that company from startup to long-term success. This lack of preparation has doomed many businesses to failure before they even got off the ground. Don’t let that happen to you. Never forget, your preparation is every bit as important as the infrastructure of the company if you want to succeed in the long haul. Continue reading

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NFL Tentatively Embraces the Internet

NFL tentatively embraces the internet by Jay Sekulow

The Associated Press just made the announcement many football fans have been waiting to hear for years. NFL games – ALL NFL games – will be streamed live this season. That cheer you just heard was millions of fans who had to move out of their home markets exulting that they will actually be able to watch Their Team again.

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Supreme Court Denies North Carolina the Use of Strict Voting Law


Supreme Court Denies North Carolina the Use of Strict Voting Law

On August 31, 2016, the Supreme Court denied North Carolina’s request to use part of a voting law that had already been declared unconstitutional.  The part would have restored a photo ID requirement, reduced the number of early-voting days from 17 to 10, and ended the practice of pre-­registering teenagers so they would not have to worry about enrolling when they turned 18.

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