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Healthcare Battle a Real PR Minefield for Trump and Congress

If there’s a bigger hot-button issue in American politics than the Affordable Care Act that would be news to millions who either love or love to hate President Obama’s signature legislation. While there’s no doubt the law has issues, and … Continue reading

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NFL Tentatively Embraces the Internet

The Associated Press just made the announcement many football fans have been waiting to hear for years. NFL games – ALL NFL games – will be streamed live this season. That cheer you just heard was millions of fans who … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Denies North Carolina the Use of Strict Voting Law

On August 31, 2016, the Supreme Court denied North Carolina’s request to use part of a voting law that had already been declared unconstitutional.  The part would have restored a photo ID requirement, reduced the number of early-voting days from … Continue reading

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10-Year-Old Memorized the Entire Constitution

Nathan Bond, a Fresno California 10-year-old memorized the entire United States Constitution spending up to four hours a day over the last several months – 137 days in total. His mother recorded it and posted it on her YouTube channel … Continue reading

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No collective bargain for Uber and Lyft drivers

A federal judge ruled Tuesday in favor of labor unions, and against the upstart transportation companies Uber and Lyft, in a much-watched lawsuit stemming from a Seattle city ordinance.

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Millennials just about done with elephants and donkeys

American are having a longevity problem. While everyone is commenting about how this election cycle seems bent on dividing two majors into four squabbling groups, there’s one group of voters who are just about done with the whole shebang altogether.

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Bernie on board, what’s next for Clinton?

In the surrender heard round the world, Bernie Sanders stepped back from his repeated promise to stick it out until the convention, formally endorsing Hillary Clinton last week. That sound you heard was millions of BernieOrBust folks simultaneously screaming and … Continue reading

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