10-Year-Old Memorized the Entire Constitution


10-Year-Old Memorized the Entire Constitution

Nathan Bond, a Fresno California 10-year-old memorized the entire United States Constitution spending up to four hours a day over the last several months – 137 days in total. His mother recorded it and posted it on her YouTube channel earlier in September. You can view the 25-minute video at YouTube. Nathan dressed up for the occasion wearing a blue suit and red power tie and provided patriotic symbols in the background.

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Are Changes Needed to How the Olympics are Run?


Are Changes Needed to How the Olympics are Run?

Every four years we see two sets of Olympics – winter and summer. Cities vie for the honor of hosting them and then spend huge portions of their nation’s and city’s budgets to build the necessary facilities, many that won’t have any use after the game end – millions of dollars spent on facilities used for only two weeks.

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Top North American Real Estate Trends in 2016


Top North American Real Estate Trends in 2016

Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate in 2016, there are a number of trends that you may want to be aware of in order to get the best deal. While some people may be looking to purchase their first home, others may be retiring and looking to downsize. No matter your situation, take a look at some of the following trends and see which ones may be affecting you in 2016.

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No collective bargain for Uber and Lyft drivers


A federal judge ruled Tuesday in favor of labor unions, and against the upstart transportation companies Uber and Lyft, in a much-watched lawsuit stemming from a Seattle city ordinance.
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Millennials just about done with elephants and donkeys


American are having a longevity problem. While everyone is commenting about how this election cycle seems bent on dividing two majors into four squabbling groups, there’s one group of voters who are just about done with the whole shebang altogether.

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Difference Between Lawyer And Advocate


There are a number of specialties within the legal profession, and sometimes this can be confusing to laypersons. Below are the professional differences between two of the most referenced legal specialists, lawyers and legal advocates.
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Bernie on board, what’s next for Clinton?


In the surrender heard round the world, Bernie Sanders stepped back from his repeated promise to stick it out until the convention, formally endorsing Hillary Clinton last week. That sound you heard was millions of BernieOrBust folks simultaneously screaming and gasping. On some level, they knew it was coming, but the reality of a guy who, less than a month ago was excoriating Clinton, standing behind and beside her was too much for some voters to manage. On that day both the Hillary camp and the NeverHillary camp gained a slew of adherents.

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